re|spect1 W1S1 [rıˈspekt] n
3 with (the greatest) respect/with (all) due respect
4¦(for danger)¦
5 in one respect/in some respects etc
7 pay your last respects (to somebody)
8 in respect of something
9 with respect to something
[Date: 1300-1400; : Latin; Origin: respectus 'act of looking back', from respicere 'to look back, consider', from specere 'to look']
when you admire someone, especially because of their personal qualities, knowledge, or skills
→↑admiration respect for
I have the greatest respect for Jane's work.
win/earn/gain the respect of sb
She has earned the respect of her fellow athletes.
He commands (=has and deserves) the respect of everyone in the profession.
when you regard something or someone as important and are careful not to harm them, treat them rudely etc
≠ ↑disrespect respect for
Out of respect for the wishes of her family, the affair was not reported in the media.
The boys showed a complete lack of respect for authority.
with respect
Old people deserve to be treated with respect .
3.) with (the greatest) respect/with (all) due respect
spoken formal say this before disagreeing with someone when you want to be polite
With respect, I think you're wrong.
4.) ¦(FOR DANGER)¦ [singular,U]
a careful attitude towards something or someone that could be dangerous
respect for
My fear turned into a respect for the sea.
People should have a healthy respect for alcohol (=a sensible careful attitude towards it) .
5.) in one respect/in some respects etc
used to say that something is true in one way, in some ways etc
In many respects the new version is not as good as the old one.
Mum is very stubborn, and Kim takes after her in that respect.
see usage notecase1
respects [plural] formal
polite greetings
give/send your respects (to sb)
Give my respects to your wife.
pay your respects (to sb)
BrE (=make a polite visit)
I've come to pay my respects to Mrs O'Hara.
7.) pay your last respects (to sb)
to go to someone's funeral
8.) in respect of sth
formal concerning or in relation to something
This is especially true in respect of the UK.
9.) with respect to sth formal
concerning or in relation to something
the freedom of a property owner to make a contract with respect to his property
b) used to introduce a new subject, or to return to one that has already been mentioned
With respect to your request, I am not yet able to agree.
respect 2
respect2 v [T]
1.) [not in progressive]
to admire someone because they have high standards and good qualities such as fairness and honesty
→↑admire respect sb for (doing) sth
She respected him for his honesty.
I respect his views, although I do not agree with them.
2.) to be careful not to do anything against someone's wishes, rights etc
She said she wanted to leave, and her father respected her wishes .
I would like you to respect my privacy.
the need to respect human rights
3.) to not break a rule or law
The President is expected to respect the constitution.

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